Covid Free

At Ciel Milos we continue to host visitors after the pandemic of Covid-19 and for this reason we have revised the cleaning process of our apartments to make sure we do the best we can to protect our visitors and ourselves.
Cleanliness has always been our top priority, and especially at this time when we are making efforts to reduce the spread of the disease, it is even more important.
So when cleaning, we also provide disinfection as we use chemicals to kill germs (spray with chlorine solution).

1. Our staff wears protective equipment while cleaning (disposable gloves, masks.
2. We ventilate all the rooms and common areas of the stairwell of our buildings before cleaning. We emphasize ventilation of enclosed spaces such as garages & elevators of our buildings.
3. The cleaning staff washes their hands well before and after each cleaning with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. and then with hand antiseptic with at least 60% alcohol.
4. Items such as sofas, carpets, curtains, leathers and other soft, porous surfaces of decorative pillows are cleaned with the appropriate cleaners suitable for these surfaces. Where possible we wash these items in the washing machine.
5. Wash all linen at the highest allowable temperature recommended by the manufacturer. These include sheets, mattresses, hand and body towels, kitchen towels, bath mats, blankets, blankets and blankets.
6. We always put new bags in all the trash cans.

  1. We contribute to the observance of social distancing by offering the possibility to the visitors for check-in and check-out without our presence. We installed a key storage box with a security code.
    2. We make it easy for our guests to maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene, providing them with hand soap, kitchen paper, tissues and toilet paper.
    3. We supply many extra towels and sheets, especially for guests who will stay for more days.
    4. We encourage private cleaning, leaving disinfectants and other cleaning products that our guests can use in our apartments.
    5. We installed disinfectant dispenser in all areas of stairwells as well as in all our apartments.
  2. We always put new bags in all the trash cans.
  1. Generally:
    1. Door knobs
    2. Surfaces
    3. Light switches
    4. Remote controls
    5. Tables
    6. Fan and lighting chains
    7. Curtains and window knobs
    8. Thermostats
    9. Keys
    10. Hairdryers
    11. Railings
    12. Irons and iron equipment
    13. Recycling and waste bins
  1.  Kitchen:
    1. Water sinks
    2. Cabinet handles and knobs
    3. Devices: oven, toaster, pressure cooker, coffee maker, etc.
    4. Spices: oil, salt and pepper, spices often used and so on.
    5. Kitchen utensils that are not dishwasher safe, such as ceramic bowls, plastic cookware for children, and so on.
    6. Hardwood chairs
  1. Bathroom:
    1. Washbasins
    2. Bathrooms
    3. Tap handles
    4. Showers and bathtubs
    5. Curtains and shower doors
    6. Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and soaps
  1. Bedroom
    1. Hangers and luggage racks
    2. Bedside tables
  1. Cleaning Devices:
    1. Dishwashers
    2. Vacuum cleaners
    3. Washing machines and dryers
  1. Items for children:
    1. Games
    2. Portable cribs and play areas
    3. Baby chairs
  1. Other Building Equipment:
    1. Elevators
    2. Entrance knobs
    3. Stairwell handrails
    4. Umbrellas
    5. Games
    6. Books
    7. Pool toys
    8. sun loungers